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an A.I. Experiment


In a world where technology has advanced beyond our wildest dreams, a revolutionary new form of art has emerged - images created by artificial intelligence. These incredible creations explore alternate realities, allowing us to glimpse into the infinite possibilities of the universe.
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What If? Book Cover
Page count
What If?
Jürgen Oman, 2023
21cm x 21cm
120 Pages

This book is a collection of these incredible images,

each one exploring a different „what if“ scenario. From the silly to the profound, each image invites us to consider the implications of these alternate realities and how they might impact our own lives.Through the eyes of the AI, we see a world where superheroes are obese, where Wes Anderson directs a Batman movie, and where the impossible becomes possible. As we journey through this collection of images, we are invited to wonder and to dream, to consider the endless possibilities of the universe and to ask ourselves, „what if?“
WHAT IF? Book Pages
However, with great power comes great responsibility.As we continue to explore the possibilities of AI-generated images, we must also consider the potential dangers they pose. From deepfakes to fake news, these images have the power to deceive and manipulate.

This book serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the potential dangers of AI-generated images and urging readers to think critically about the images they encounter in their daily lives. Let us not be fooled by the seductive allure of technology, and instead strive for a world where truth and integrity are upheld above all else.
This Introduction was completely written by A.I.
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What if all superheroes were homeless?
What if our planet was ruled by ants?
What if dieter rams designed an airplane?
What if the 16-bit aera got games like cyberpunk 2077
What if wes anderson directed a james bond movie?